Work flexibility more important than salary

What: A 2020 study by Castellum into the future of the workplace has found that the most important advantages people see at work are: to meet people, use better-quality technology resources (big screens, keyboards, fast internet) and be in better conditions for meetings. This is one of many studies to find that most people want to work from a mix of home and office in future, and that millennials prioritise work flexibility over salary and career progression when choosing work. 

So what: The nature of the workplace is changing, offices are being designed to cater for social interaction and meetings, and focusing less on individual work. Policies on company investment in good technology for remote work can easily address the risk of inadequate home offices. It will be important to consider this when planning future budgets to ensure employees are happy and drawn to work for the company. Millennials are the largest generation represented in the workforce currently, and this will continue to increase for some years. It is important for organisations to account for this changing view of workplace requirements, to ensure they can attract the best talent on the labour marketplace.

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