The Remote Lab

The Remote Lab is a knowledge and development node within the Future of Flexible Work. The future is remote and the pace of transition into a new landscape of hybrid and distributed teams and companies has never been faster. We help organisations to set new strategies, develop new ways of working and transforming into flexible entities for the future. Through our courses, workshop programmes, inspirational talks and consultancy we help you develop the ground from where you drive change. We produce knowledge through reports, external monitoring, research collaborations and a global network of remote first champions. We are one of the leading independent research organisations on remote work and co-working in Europe.


The world will never be the same. Whether your organization is going hybrid or fully remote, we provide a tailor made blueprint for organizations and teams to make the transition. We’ll help you find the sticking points and find ways of working that suits and supports both your business proposition and your people.

Talks and collaborations

We give talks, inspirational hands on works shop to help your team to the next level. If you’re curious about what we might bring to the table, check out our podcast! We team up with various experts from leading remote teams, on remote transformation, culture at a distance, societal development in a distributed world, and much more.


In our portfolio of services we have master classes to give you a good overview and help kickstart your transition to a remote mindset, even if you have never left your office before. We offer a wide variety of courses on remote work strategies and workplace management towards both leaders and employees. Our workshop sessions is tailored to your needs, and can be varied in length and content. We also offer customized reports, breaking down current trends into bite sized signals with an analysis on how they might affect your business or field.


Although we have seen rapid growth in remote work, as yet very little research has been done in the area. We want to spotlight new research on different ways of working, communication, organizational structures, societal development, and technology related to the future of remote work. We are collaborating with some of the world’s leading universities and research institutes, as well as building a network of remote-first startups, to better serve you with examples of best practice and valuable insights. Want to join our movement? Get in contact right now!


The pace is fast and we have assembled some of the forerunners within technical equipment and collaboration and communication tools for efficient remote work in an experimental, development lab, surrounded by the Swedish mountains.


Are you representing a company looking to go remote or want to develop your work place policy? Or are you a researcher with a special interest in remote working or co-working? Or a teacher who wants to share their knowledge on remote work at our sessions? We are open to all sorts of collaboration, so don’t hesitate - contact us right away!