Research collaborations

Research collaborations

FAIRTRANS - Fair transformation for a fossil free future

The vision for FAIRTRANS is to contribute nationally and internationally to a fair societal transformations that help to realise the Paris Agreement, based on scientific knowledge and respect for planetary boundaries and social goals. The mission is to develop science-based and fair roadmaps for rapid decarbonisation, consistent with the Swedish carbon budget, through collaboration with key actors from civil society.

In this collaboration, The Remote Lab contributes with research within the Swedish co-working scene. As part of a growing scene of community climate commons, where climate actions grow from communities into important societal factors for change, co-working is a phenomenon that play an increasing role as platform for initiatives.

COST ACTION - The geography of new working spaces and the impact on periphery

The aim of the COST Action is threefold. First, it aims to share the first outcomes of some funded international research projects on the phenomenon of new workplaces, such as Coworking Spaces and Maker Spaces, in order to identify the typologies of such emerging workplaces, and reveal their spatial distribution and explain their location patterns. Secondly, through the comparison and dissemination of the results the Action aims at identifying, measuring and evaluating the these new working spaces in order to understand whether and how they have promoted regional competitiveness, economic performance and resilience, entrepreneurial milieu, knowledge creation within regional innovation system, retaining knowledge workers and the creative class social inclusion and spatial regeneration of peripheral areas. The third aim is to collect, discuss and develop guidelines for tailored policy and planning measures to foster the positive effects of new workplaces through the promotion of agreements and cooperation with local, regional and/or national public administrations/stakeholders.


Together with Professor Hans Westlund, we have created a mapping of all coworking businesses in Sweden and are currently doing a study to find out what sort of role coworking spaces play in the national innovation system.


Mittuniversitetet's Push for Remote Work Research
Mittuniversitetet is renowned for its distance education in Sweden, but it's expanding its focus. While already researching areas relevant to remote work, the university now aims to allocate resources for researchers to investigate different aspects of remote work. The aim is to move positions for Mittuniversitetet as a national leader not just in distance education but also remote work research.

Filling the Void: The Remote Lab's Global Mission
Globally, remote work is a trend lacking in comprehensive research. Sweden struggles with data for transitioning organizations. The Remote Lab steps in as a global hub, collaborating with research environments and conducting independent studies. The findings are then packaged into services for businesses, including trend insights and strategic support. Offering Remote Sessions and Master Classes, The Remote Lab bridges expertise and practicality. The collaboration's goal is clear – sparking research on remote work, driven by joint efforts.