In recent years, the emergence of digital tools has revolutionized internal communication and redefined remote work, prompting a reevaluation of the very nature of work itself. Traditional paradigms established in the early 1900s have lost some of their relevance for today’s knowledge-driven workforce. The upheavals brought by the pandemic underscored not only the sustainability of productivity in remote settings but also emphasized the need for equitable work structures across different geographical contexts. Delving into the historical backdrop of the work environment, this narrative explores the impact of industrial revolutions on our perceptions of work, traces the evolution of employee attitudes toward work, and anticipates disruptive trends that could reshape the future of work.


Previous talks

We have done a big variety of talks during the last years, both on the physical and virtual stage. The topics vary from the needs and requirements of the audience, but are always connected to the future of work, remote work or co-working. Some of our previous talks:

- Coworking Europe
- Digitaldagarna
- 100 grader Karlstad
- Åland 100 year anniversary
- Svenska stadskärnors årskonferens
- Vitec-dagarna
- Fastighetsägarna
- Åre business forum
- Slack and Fluido customer event
- Nordregio yearly conference (Nordic ministry council)