We offer a variety of services to you as a company, to help you succeed in your transition to a more remote-friendly organization. With an extensive background from both companies, governmental organizations, and NGOs, we offer high-class services delivered by experts in the field.

What is your temperature?


Applying methods for more efficient remote work is not only good if you are intending to build a great remote work culture. It also improves your overall productivity and decreases administrative costs, hassle, and frustration among co-workers working under the same roof. The transition from being a company applying the norm of the "physical office" can sometimes be hard. By doing an Attitude Scan of management’s and employees' approach to remote work in your company, we can identify your problem areas and weak spots, and help you focus and prioritize. We deliver extensive studies with interviews and surveys, providing you with valuable insights and a solid foundation for decision making moving forward. Our method is based on the WHO's Work Wellbeing Framework and the Swedish Work Environment Authority's recommendations. The result will bring you a baseline index that shows the maturity of the organization's attitude towards and preparation for remote work. The results can be used as a benchmark in future studies, to document development and progress. Get in touch and we'll send you a proposal!

External monitoring

In order to make well-informed decisions, companies need to know what is happening around the world and what may affect the future. Through well-designed and relevant external monitoring reports, we can help you understand disruptive signals and their significance for your organization. With strategic management support and anchoring in the organization, you build the foundation for a more sustainable future. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.


Did you know that around 90% of employees feel that it is highly important to be able to work remotely, while only about 69% of employers actively invite their staff to do so. Despite the fact that remote work increases productivity? We want to use our collective knowledge in the field to help more organizations succeed in implementing their remote strategy and unleashing the full potential of remote productivity. Whether it is planning and executing a remote conference, coaching management, or acting as an advisor to the board, we will put together the right team for you. We have a wide network of experts on different aspects of remote working and will put together the very best team for your needs.