Who we are

The Remote Lab is a knowledge and development node for the future of remote work. Our vision is to assist society, organisations, and individuals in the transformation from the current norm of the physical workplace to a more remote mindset, to aid both societal and organisational development.

We believe that a better society is built by global and universal exchange of knowledge and access to work opportunities, regardless of circumstances. We are creating the unifying global knowledge node around the future of remote work, always remaining one step ahead. We stimulate, collect and disseminate knowledge in order to facilitate transformation of working environments, enabling organisations to embrace the future.


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Hi! I’m Maria, one of the founders of the Remote Lab and  Gomorron Östersund (a coworking space with 3 locations in the north of Sweden!). I’ve been advocating for remote work for over a decade and through this have founded and led multiple remote-first organisations. I’ve worked with both the public and private sectors in their transformation to becoming more remote-friendly - I’ve also been a facilitator and keynote speaker for customers all over the world.

For me, it’s the contrasts that make life interesting and valuable. I chose to live on a farm, amongst the nature and mountains of Northern Sweden. I can go out skiing, watch the sunrise and sunset over the lake from my window, and watch my children playing freely in nature. Yet I can simultaneously work with questions of global development, and have personal relationships with experts, customers and partner organisations all over the world.

With first hand experience and deep knowledge in research around remote work and co-working, I’m trying to create learning experiences through courses and training as well as strategies, reports and facilitating transformation processes. I’m also one of two Swedish representatives in the European research network   COST Action - The geography of new working spaces and the impact on periphery, which has been super interesting to work with!

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I’m Jenny - one of the other founders of The Remote Lab and the coworking space Gomorron Östersund. I am also one of many lifestyle migrants that left the big city for a life in the Swedish mountains - a place which is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the most entrepreneurial regions in the country - boasting a unique spirit and hordes of new remote workers!

I started my career as an IT consultant with seven years within the Information Management field before becoming an advisor and strategist within Mid Sweden University in Östersund. The university has a very strong remote-learning profile, with many remote-based courses and programs. I designed business development courses, lectured and facilitated creative processes, and helped with startups and knowledge dissemination within that role.

I’m passionate about many aspects of societal development, so have become engaged in many different initiatives: ranging from the concept and business development of the first Swedish public-sector coworking hubs; to innovating and running work/lifestyle safaris for lifestyle migrants, and engaging the local community in building facilities for open-air swimming in our big (and cold) lake! Remote work really opens up opportunities and connects us with anyone across the world, forget the 7 handshakes, now we’re just one good message away from a zoom call with anyone!

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Tjena! I’m Johan, the third of the Gomorron/Remote Lab owners who also works here! My passion has always been outdoor activities/mountain sports and my whole life has revolved around that. It hasn’t been an option for me to physically move from the Swedish mountains, so I’ve had to find ways to make interesting and stimulating things move to me instead.

That’s why I’ve worked fully or partly remotely during my whole career, here’s a timeline for you:

Late 90s: I started working in the tourist industry, planning and organising guided activities in the mountains. The tourist association I worked for had its head office in Stockholm, I was based in a mountain hut, and some of my colleagues were in even more remote huts with no roads.

2005: I founded Fjällmaraton ( in the mountains of Jämtland. It was interesting to reach out to a quite small and distributed community of trail runners in Scandinavia, and build up a hype around a new phenomenon before social media.

Since 2006: I’ve been writing guide books ( and working very closely with my publisher, although 100% remotely - making me develop good routines, tools and effectiveness.

Much of what I’ve done has been focused on attracting people, communities and businesses to come to Jämtland - I’ve worked as a location scout and manager on feature films and commercials for many years, including meeting George Clooney and Zlatan Ibrahimović in our little town of Östersund.

Over the years I’ve tried to help people who moved to Jämtland for the lifestyle to land and find their communities here...

2017: And that was the beginning of the story for Gomorron Östersund, and the Remote Lab!

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I’m Anna, and I love to explore human nature and how societal structures impact us as both individuals and as groups. I’ve spent the last 20 years running my own business and have, among other things, worked as a management consultant and transformation facilitator for self-leadership in organisations. Things like culture, norms and ideas really get me going, I read research reports voraciously (as well as any other book) and I have a knack for pattern recognition when it comes to behaviour and social interaction. Working at The Remote Lab is basically a dream come true - to be able to work at the very cusp of what we know so far and create new knowledge as we go along.

Remote working and the flexibility it brings really allows me to go for long walks in the woods to think, which is something I love to do. I’m also an introvert and need time alone to recharge in between social events, so it is important for me to be able to choose everyday where I’ll be most productive. Also: I’m a sucker for musicals so I love that I get to bust out a Hamilton-solo whenever I like when I work from home.

Are you…

… a researcher interested in the field of remote work?
… a company developing or providing new technology for remote work seeking partnership?
… a company that is looking into becoming better at remote work?
… just curious about this growing phenomenon…

Well jump right on it and send us a message! We are always happy to get in contact with new potential collaborators, so don’t hesitate to book a digital “fika” with us!


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We are a group of entrepreneurs running the co-working and development hub Gomorron Östersund housing a community of companies and individuals located in the middle of the Swedish mountains. We are involved in local, national, and international projects with a focus on societal development. People move to Östersund because of the lifestyle, and very often they tend to bring their jobs with them and work remotely. With a background as pioneering remote entrepreneurs, and a global network of like minded individuals, we decided to get the party started by founding "The Remote Lab". We're always happy to get in contact with new superstars, so invite us for a video chat or email us right away!

Advisory board

We are honored to have a fantastic advisory board with us on this journey. They have all different areas of expertise and are global forerunners and great thinkers. In alphabetic order we have:
Ann-Therese Enarsson - CEO at Futurion, a think tank within future of work
Aric Dromi - CEO at Black Swan Theatre, storymakers for sustainable and resilience-building change
Ashkan Fardost - independent speaker, author and thinker within human behaviour in a digital world
Hans Westlund - Professor of Urban and Regional Studies, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden Professor of Entrepreneurship, Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping, Sweden Member of the Swedish Prime Minister’s  National Innovation Council
Johan Eriksson - Learning designer and Master Class Facilitator at Hyper Island
Lisette Sutherland - Facilitator, author, speaker, and remote-working champion for individuals, teams & managers
Marcus Andersson - CEO of Future place leadership, development, innovation and marketing of places
Mattias Elg - Organizational psychologist
Niklas Huss - Innovation and transformation coach
Po Tidholm - Journalist, author and speaker within rural development
Susanne Forchheimer - Emerging Media Lab Research Manager at Institute for the Future
Vigleik Norheim - Service Design & Research Manager - Webex Devices, Cisco