What we do

For companies and individuals

We offer a variety of solutions for you as an individual or as a company. You can start off by joining one of our remote sessions, move on to our master class for remote strategists, and then do a complete attitude scan of your company to make sure you are on the right track. We can offer coaching and consultancy services, to hold your hand through the transition to a remote friendly workplace.

For researchers

We have ongoing research projects with various universities and research institutes, and we are always curious and eager to find new projects within the area of the future of remote work. To find out more about the ongoing research in the field, stay tuned to our research and reports page. If you are interested in working with us, please email us at

For Remote-first entrepreneurs

We want you to feel at home in the remote lab. As part of our remote tribe, you will get connected with remote pioneers from different parts of the world, be able to share your experience to both help others, and get valuable updates from other like minded superstars.

For collaboration partners

We are always eager to bring more tech and developing partners into our innovation and test lab. We offer various solutions for remote collaboration at our location in Östersund, Sweden. In the physical lab, we can offer endless possibilities for development of new products and applications, and even facilitate hybrid and digital workshops and webinars. Get in touch!

Are you…

… a researcher interested in the field of remote work?
… a company developing or providing new technology for remote work seeking partnership?
… a company that is looking into becoming better at remote work?
… just curious about this growing phenomenon…

Well jump right on it and send us a message! We are always happy to get in contact with new potential collaborators, so don’t hesitate to book a digital “fika” with us!


Phone no: +46 (0)70-380 00 07

The Remote Lab
c/o Gomorron Östersund
Prästgatan 42
831 30 Östersund


We are a group of entrepreneurs running the co-working and development hub Gomorron Östersund housing a community of companies and individuals located in the middle of the Swedish mountains. We are involved in local, national, and international projects with a focus on societal development. People move to Östersund because of the lifestyle, and very often they tend to bring their jobs with them and work remotely. With a background as pioneering remote entrepreneurs, and a global network of like minded individuals, we decided to get the party started by founding "The Remote Lab". We're always happy to get in contact with new superstars, so invite us for a video chat or email us right away!

Advisory board

We are honored to have a fantastic advisory board with us on this journey. They have all different areas of expertise and are global forerunners and great thinkers. In alphabetic order we have:
Ann-Therese Enarsson - CEO at Futurion, a think tank within future of work
Aric Dromi - CEO at Black Swan Theatre, storymakers for sustainable and resilience-building change
Ashkan Fardost - independent speaker, author and thinker within human behaviour in a digital world
Hans Westlund - Professor of Urban and Regional Studies, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden Professor of Entrepreneurship, Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping, Sweden Member of the Swedish Prime Minister’s  National Innovation Council
Johan Eriksson - Learning designer and Master Class Facilitator at Hyper Island
Lisette Sutherland - Facilitator, author, speaker, and remote-working champion for individuals, teams & managers
Marcus Andersson - CEO of Future place leadership, development, innovation and marketing of places
Mattias Elg - Organizational psychologist
Niklas Huss - Innovation and transformation coach
Po Tidholm - Journalist, author and speaker within rural development
Susanne Forchheimer - Emerging Media Lab Research Manager at Institute for the Future
Vigleik Norheim - Service Design & Research Manager - Webex Devices, Cisco