Coaching and custom services

Coaching and custom services


How do you get your employees back to the office? Or what will your future workplace strategy look like? These are some of the questions that we could help you to answer by doing a deep dive analysis of your current challenge. Through both quantitative (surveys) and qualitative (interviews) methods we extract the current available and collective knowledge which we then mould with theoretical and empirical findings from current research in the field. By this we create understanding and a common ground as a starting point for further development of strategies, new ways of working or wherever you need to go. We adjust the process depending on how far you have come in your journey and use the knowledge and work that you have already done. This can then be followed by a concept developing project, workshop package or coaching sessions.


In this packaged service we function as a strategic partner in developing new concepts regarding future of work related ideas and innovative initiatives. This can be in the format of a pre-study, a project or within the existing business logic. Often these concept developments contain all of our services but with clear and defined starting point, boundaries and deliverable. The work will most often land in a playbook or extended report of some sort for your organisation to use for implementing and communicating the result.


The future of work will require other skills than traditional leaders have developed through the years. The organisation will also have to be more dependent on self leadership, transparency, structure and documenting processes and ways of working in order to be successful in the new setting. Do you a bouncing partner while making a strategy, breaking it down into actions or implementing it in your organisation? We have many years of experience working with different organisations in the transformation into digital first ways of working, and we can tailor our coaching to fit your needs.

Workshop Package

We offer tailored workshops based on your needs and requirements, regardless of where you might be in your own process. Do you need help with building your workplace management strategy or are you establishing a new office policy or looking into coworking as a flexible workplace model? In addition to our analysis service we build on the knowledge we gain by moulding the needs and knowledge in creative workshops. We use a variety of facilitation models based on the mission but always follow the iterative steps of design thinking:
-> Empathise
-> Define
-> Ideate
-> Prototype
-> Test
A workshop package could for example be a four or five day Design Sprint or a limited series of workshops with a red thread and clearly defined outcome.


We love research and finding out what's next in the field of the future of work. We both conduct research in collaboration with universities and research institutes, and we produce signal scanning reports for our clients. Our clients use them as material within their organizations to enhance learning and making a statement in their respective field.