WiFi Tribe

WHAT: The “Wifi-tribe” is a group of digital nomads who travel around the world together, share a home and work together. Participants pay a membership to belong to a group when they travel and to cover housing costs. The price varies depending on the continent and accommodation, and the group chooses which cities they want to visit for a year. “The Tribe” builds the sense of community by dividing the participants into groups of 12-25 so that they can work and venture together in the different countries.


SO WHAT: Communities that are independent of physical places are built up in several places by people who want to travel and experience different parts of the world. The tourism industry has been hit by a sharp decline in holiday visitors due to the corona pandemic, but the potential for teleworkers is growing. The cities that will benefit most from the new target group of long-term visitors are those that invest in collective housing and collective workspaces, but which also have the ability to see and create collaborations with existing communities on the site. These collaborations can be with, for example, local associations, activities, food producers and cultural workers and enable the development of new local initiatives to meet the needs of visiting teleworkers who want to experience the daily life in the city they visit.