The office where you need it

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WHAT: New services and startups that offer offices on the menu are starting to appear in Sweden as well as in Nordic neighboring countries. Swedish Flowpass and Norwegian Orbit are examples of digital service providers with the business model of offering a large range of workplaces that users can book for the day. Traditional coworking suppliers, hotels, cafés and places rented out in companies’ existing offices create a mix of spaces to fill a broad picture of needs.

SO WHAT: Based on the philosophy around the third place, on which the phenomenon of coworking is largely based, the culture is created partly as a result of frequent visitors. If you as a user no longer return to the same physical place, the culture will need to be replaced with social virtual networks and connected to a greater extent from the place. Where you for the day as a user choose to work will then rather depend on other things than the culture of the place. Coworking actors would then need to adjust their offer to become more unique, regarding for example functions such as meeting rooms, technology, ensure that specific needs are met, clear differentiation in the form of activities, focus, added value and surrounding services, such as proximity to paddle hall , gym, nature areas, water or other.