The office as an onboarding site


WHAT: In the four scenarios that Alecta Fastigheter has developed about the future of the office, there is the underlying idea that the office of the future is something far more all-encompassing than something that can be measured in square meters. Instead, they talk about the office as a culture builder or arena for meetings. At the same time, there are reports of many new employees during the pandemic, especially young people, who have difficulty entering their new workplace when most work is done remotely from the beginning.

SO WHAT: At the intersection of these two thoughts, the office may play an important role in onboarding new employees, both in terms of activities and design. Here, there is an opportunity for companies to take a position and secure their talent, as studies show that 69% of employees are more likely to stay up to three years in a company if they have undergone a well-thought-out onboarding and 58% of new employees who have undergone a structured onboarding are more likely to stay in the organization after three years. However, an absolute majority (88%) of the new employees state that the onboarding program has been substandard.