The Ideal Green Place

Posted in: Migration patterns

WHAT: Vivrovert (translation: Living in Greenery) is a website designed to help people in France who want to move to less densely populated areas. On the website, people who already live in these areas can sell their properties and city dwellers who are looking for housing can refine the search based on criteria for how and where they want to live. Search criteria can be, for example, whether the place is close to mountains or beaches, how good the broadband is, how much crime is committed, population density, weather and distance by train to Paris and the nearest large city. Vivrovert has also included a platform where those who are interested in moving can support and give advice to each other before the move. 


SO WHAT: Vivrovert is an easy way for people to find the perfect place for them to live outside the major cities of France. The community behind the service also helps people who want to move by lowering the thresholds so that it becomes easier and less scary: there is support and advice from those who have already gone through the change. It encourages people to stay in France, while at the same time having the opportunity to change their lifestyle. The community plays an important role when it comes to choosing a place to live. The local ambassadors and people of the place play a crucial role that no marketing campaign in the world can surpass.