Sustainability reviews


WHAT: As of January 2017, it became mandatory in Sweden to submit a sustainability report as part of the annual report, for companies with more than 250 employees and with net sales in excess of 350 million. In Sweden, only one per thousand of the 1.2 million companies that exist reach that size. 96% of Sweden’s companies have fewer than 10 employees.

SO WHAT: In line with consumers’ awareness of sustainability, even smaller companies, which are not covered by the requirement, have chosen to prepare a sustainability report. This serves as a relationship-building activity with target groups, as well as a way for companies to show that they want to take sustainability seriously and set measurable goals for their business. However, there are cases of so-called “green washing”, where companies use sustainability reporting to present themselves in better days than they really are. However, this signal shows that the issue of sustainability is more and more rooted in business models of companies and a real factor when strategic decisions are to be made.