Security is important for cities

WHAT: Safety and security are part of the Global Goals, and according to reports from Brå (Crime Prevention Council), insecurity is increasing in our city centers. The respondents in the surveys that Brå has conducted describe, among other things, that they avoid certain parts of cities that feel insecure in various ways. Safer Sweden has created a handbook with guidelines, BoTryggt 2030 for how municipalities, property owners and city architects together can increase the perceived security in cities by eliminating, for example, crime and increasing human presence in more parts of the city.

SO WHAT: When neighborhoods are emptied of office workers, the flow of people decreases, which has a negative effect on security as there is less life and movement around the clock in the properties. Therefore, it is also important for the surrounding urban environment that office buildings continue to have traffic and that there continue to be attractive places with a range that creates flows. There are several initiatives that work with this, both at the structural level and the experience level.