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WHAT: Amazon web services (AWS) have developed a new service to allow companies to quickly and easily transition to remote working: onboarding new (and old) remote employees into a single integrated web system. They claim tens of thousands of employees can be onboarded within a few hours, and similarly to Beleco (the remote office furniture company), they offer flexible licensing arrangements so companies can quickly adapt to changing demand.  


Other companies, such as Dell, now offer remote desktop solutions and IT services  – adding to the expanding market of remote desktop/virtual office tools out there. Companies such as Double have developed technologies to allow remote workers to be “present” at the office – floating around on a segway-operated video-call screen to visit their office-based colleagues.


SO WHAT: Bringing the office home is currently necessary in remote and hybrid work, and companies are expanding their service offering to allow home offices to be more realistic. Eriksson has even conducted research into the augmented reality 4D offices of the future. At the moment, companies are still very much in the adapting stage of remote work – we need the “feel” of the office at home because it’s what we’re used to and what management practices are developed around. Yet in 5 years this may change again, and new offerings will emerge to accomodate for the new generation of remote working styles.


However, certain services such as remote onboarding will be crucial for a while to come: research has found that  69% av medarbetare är mer benägna att stanna upp till tre år på ett företag om de genomgått en väl genomtänkt onboarding och 58% av nyanställda som genomgått en strukturerad onboarding.