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HR for International Remote Teams: Hiring, Compensation, Compliance and Culture

2021-03-23 — 2021-03-23

Tim will be joining us all the way from from Australia, to share the lessons he found most valuable over the last 6 years growing his company, Shield GEO, to 65 internal employees across 16 countries and 800+ client employees across 60 countries.

In a variety of businesses over the last 20 years, Tim has dealt with thousands of international workers. He believes that people, businesses and nations get enormous benefits from international work. And that businesses should be able to employ staff quickly and compliantly anywhere in the world. He’s on a mission to make this simple. Shield GEO employs remote international workers in over 60 countries for companies including Shutterstock, Shopify and Techstars.


This is not a “webinar”! You will be engaging in live conversations with real human beings who share your challenges. You are expected to be heard and seen throughout. As with any remote meeting, each participant of the workshop brings part of the meeting space with them. Please help yourself and others by ensuring you:
  • Call from a quiet place.
  • Have a stable broadband internet connection. Optimum bandwidth, i.e. internet speed on your side will be at least 10 Mbps download / upload. You can measure it using
  • Use a headset.
  • Turn your video camera on.
  • To optimise your set-up, follow these suggestions on how to have a great video conferencing setup.

The session will be held in the video meeting app Zoom which you can download in advance from this link:

This zoom meeting will be recorded for internal use: the recording will be shared with participants of the meeting, as well as the small group of past Remote Sessions speakers. If you do not consent to the recording being shared, please let us know and we will ensure that you are not included on the final file.

Tim Burgess International Remote Teams: Hiring, Compensation, Compliance and Culture