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WHAT: Solarwinds is a distance IT service with a focus on security and problem solving. It allows IT departments to connect with their workforce quickly: many employees are new to remote work, and trying to complete work in these conditions can be stressful. Solarwinds allows companies to connect to them and their devices easily, allowing remote IT departments to coordinate tasks, handoffs, and resolutions – as well as easily categorising problems as trends or anomalies. The AWS service also focuses on high security protection for the remote-working platform, allowing organisations to manage their remote workers and control data, with high-security cloud-specific protection.


Cisco has also developed security solutions specifically tailored to remote working: allowing employees to safely work from any network, avoid phishing attacks and malware, and safely have access to all the necessary work files.


SO WHAT: For many organisations, security has always been an important question. Working from a centralised hub, employees can be on a secured wifi connection, however, when hybrid and remote work become an option, then companies need to create clear policies about where/what networks employees can work from. This is especially important for work with sensitive data: governmental security-related departments (e.g. MSB) for example. Legal regulations – e.g. GDPR laws, or how to protect employee data, also need to be fulfilled.