Remote-first companies are growing

WHAT: Markets are growing with several large remote-first companies such as Automattic and Gitlab. The latter, which today is one of the world’s largest completely distance-independent companies, has put together its experiences and best practice into a manifesto and a handbook for how different functions in an organization should best work to optimize processes remotely. It includes everything from leadership, culture building, communication strategy, tools, etc.

SO WHAT: Gitlab has almost 1300 employees in different parts of the world and works completely independent of geographical location. Through their working methods, they show that completely distance-independent organizations can function better than many office-based organisations. They also highlight important experiences such as self-insight, empathy, participation, inclusion, amongst others, as crucial in distance organizations. These are experiences and attributes that are increasingly in demand by employees in general. In times of pandemic, the companies also show a completely different redundancy as they already work completely independent of physical location. PwC have studied remote work policies and emphasize that it is important to consider where remote work can be conducted (e.g. nationally, or internationally?) And how long for (should employees work from home on predetermined days, or should they be given an allowance of x% remote work per week?), amongst other things.

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