Redesigning Regions

WHAT: Lozere is a quiet area of ​​central France that recently launched a campaign to attract teleworkers to move to the region, while encouraging local farmers and businesses to develop through digitalisation. They actively support the growth of small businesses in the region, especially in the smaller communities. There is a special focus on developing local food production, digital technology and the use of technology in healthcare and other areas. What has been seen is that the growth of local companies has been a decisive factor in enabling a normally functioning society during the pandemic, but that it will also provide long-term benefits for Lozere. The region helps families to settle there by helping to find work, housing and access to other community functions and services.


SO WHAT: The corona crisis has increased the need for digital support (in, for example, health, culture, legal support or teleworking) in smaller and more isolated communities. In parallel with the development of increased self-sufficiency in these communities, they also want to attract more people to move there in order to enable new possible returns on local investments. Development and growth of local communities and local production do not make them as isolated or dependent on larger support structures, and more resilient in crises. Larger local investments in infrastructure for teleworking and digitization of societal functions can thus create benefits for regional development.

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