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  1. Virtual assistant and freelancing services: Increasing in popularity, freelancers can sell their services through online platforms, and be hired from anywhere, at any time which suits them. 
  2. Gift services: Companies such as Caroo now offer gift box services for employees, allowing them to be recognised and offered small perks from a distance. 
  3. Wellness services: Companies such as bonusly allow for employees to easily share their recognition for their colleagues, and get personalised rewards. Similarly, certain companies ensure each employee has a wellness buddy.
  4. Team building: online team building platforms such as The Go Game allow companies to bond over fun activities, hybridly or fully online.
  5. Allowing career development: Putting aside time for employees to do online training or conferences can be a great, low-cost perk.


SO WHAT: So many provisions are now in place to allow companies to simply and smoothly make the remote-work experience as fun and straightforward as possible. Companies really invested in sustainable development of a remote work policy should take this into account, since provisions are easily found online. (See the top link in the references for a complete list of perk suggestions).