WHAT: A new industry in worker wellbeing is emerging with new digital services such as Workday, Firstbeat, Actimo and Welliba that focus entirely on building digital services for companies that want to keep track of the cognitive, emotional and physical well-being of their employees. The data is collected in various ways, passively and actively, from the employees and provides reports as well as suggestions for measures through, for example, AI-supported chat services. The services are often based on researched methods based on measuring the well-being of employees.

SO WHAT: A greater understanding of the individual about their own well-being combined with companies to a greater extent seeing the value in having sustainable employees, creates greater incentives to also investigate how the products and services delivered affect people’s lives. Greater knowledge about this not only affects the work environment but can also create conditions for new services and product development linked to the new knowledge. This also becomes a signal that blurs the old norm that an employee’s private life and working life should not have anything to do with each other.