Moving from Cities to Rural Areas

Posted in: Migration patterns

WHAT: New Zealand is facing a net loss of inhabitants in its cities in favour of a net increase of inhabitants in rural areas. One in three respondents (32.2%) in a recent survey has considered moving from Auckland over the past two years due to house prices and access to housing. Another 36 percent of respondents thought the idea of ​​moving was a good idea, even though they had not considered it before. Those who had not considered moving stated that they felt worried about whether they would be allowed to keep their jobs and that they would not be able to find a new job in more remote areas. With an increase in telework, this will be an easier choice. Other studies have found similar results, with more and more New Zealanders choosing to move to the provinces due to the cost of living.


SO WHAT: Employees can now work remotely at a longer distance from the office than previously done and commute less often (for example once a week). New Zealand has invested in infrastructure and rapidly expanded broadband across the country. Combined with rising house prices and a growing interest in a healthy lifestyle among New Zealanders, it opens up new opportunities for the regions. Instead of the smaller city centres dying, there is now opportunity for development, and the growth of the rural regions of New Zealand looks promising. -cities-to-the-regions /