Migration Patterns


WHAT: In Sweden, we see a new pattern of people moving to a greater extent to be able to create a good life rather than moving to a certain job. This means that people are moving from the cities to a greater extent than before, which affects both the real estate market and local economies (The Remote Lab, 2021). Sweco writes in its annual report that in 2021 there were 1.6 million domestic migrations, which is 60,000 more than the year before, and the largest influx took place to smaller municipalities while the metropolitan municipalities instead decreased. Growth analysis states in its report on migration patterns that both Swedish and foreign studies indicate that the industrial migration pattern, where one chooses to move to where the job is, is being replaced by a post-industrial migration pattern, where labor market-related migrations become less important while the living environment and others quality of life factors are becoming increasingly important as a motive for relocation. Housing and work have increasingly come to be separated. As a result, the local labor markets have also become larger, both in terms of area and population.

SO WHAT: As the local business community and the local workforce are increasingly spatially separated, hubs and coworking actors can play a significant role in the introduction of the local community for newcomers, as well as acting as an onboarding site for start-ups. in a new city. It also affects local economies as demographics change and more taxpayers live and shop outside the big cities. This in turn affects municipalities’ community planning to meet an increased need for, for example, care, school and care.

https://www.tillvaxtanalys.se/download/18.62dd45451715a00666f1e88d/1586366188578/Bandoflyttare%20och%20jobbflyttare%20orsaker%20och%20drivkrafter%20till%20nya%20flyttm%C3%B6nella%20ost%20i%Ci -04.pdf
https://nordregio.org/nordregio-magazine/issues/remote-work-and-just-green-transition/what-will-change-when-people-can-live-where-they-want-instead-of- where-they-work /