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WHAT: 67% of businesses reported that there were many more changes to long term management practices than in a normal year, excluding temporary adaptations to the pandemic. These management changes are broad, affecting nearly every aspect of how a business operates. These changes do involve reorganisation of a team, nor just a change of leadership, but focused – in over 50% of businesses  – on strategic planning. Similarly, a significant share of firms altered how they onboard and train, recruit, and even deliver their performance reviews. Even the basics of how companies and organisations communicate shifted, with 60% making changes to team meetings, and over half making changes to internal communications.


So WHAT: Many companies focused on increasing use of video communication software (zoom, skype, google hangouts etc.); corporate management software (e.g. Microsoft Teams); managing software (Slack, ryver); or project productivity software (Trello, Basecamp etc.). A wealth of tools exists for these shifts in management practices, but they need to be used appropriately, with procedures and policies in place for them to be successful.