Government policy for improving remote working

WHAT: In July 2020, the Irish “Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation” launched a public campaign to consult the public on updating the guidelines for teleworking. The campaign was based on a report produced in 2019.  The aim was to create a public policy on teleworking that was free and open for everyone to take part in. This was followed by an updated published ‘remote working’ checklist for employers, covering / internal policy; time organization and employment rights; physical and mental health and safety; equality issues; training; data protection and cyber security.

SO WHAT: By engaging the public, you also get the light on an issue that is important to a government that wants to raise public awareness and increase the practice of telework even after the Covid-19 pandemic. It is seen that positive effects such as reduced costs for companies, better balance between work and leisure and reduced traffic can benefit the country and the business community in general – and that a hybrid work between telework and office work will be the new normal,  encouraged by the government.

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