Energy savings in evenly-used premises


WHAT: Several studies show large energy savings when premises are used more evenly around the clock and over time. In addition, there are the savings when several players share the same equipment and furnishings in circular models. IKEA is currently testing a concept they call Furniture as a service. However, there are questions about VAT, how the legal space around VAT management is involved in second-hand purchases and in circular models, and when different actors should share the same office space.

SO WHAT: This suggests that there are major environmental sustainability gains to be made when companies share office space, and in addition, companies can create economically and socially sustainable collaborations to recycle furnishings and materials. Circular models for renting furniture place greater demands on furniture manufacturers to produce more durable furniture and equipment that can be repaired or upgraded in the event of wear and tear, for example by changing fabrics or spare parts.