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WHAT: Beleco offers a furniture rental service for remote companies. Enough companies have remote policies in place that specific business can now cater to these new needs: such as supplying home-offices to workers. Beleco offers flexible contracts to companies, allowing them to scale up or down the number of home offices as employees begin or end their remote contracts. A flexible monthly subscription allows companies to manage this easily – employees are given the option to select their furniture, which is assembled and transported by Beleco, and replaced if damaged/worn. The furniture is repurposed after use, contributing to a sustainable circular economy. 


So What: This service reinforces the importance of, and current lack of provision for, home offices. Companies haven’t all integrated detailed home-office provisions in their remote working policies – often neglecting many items beyond a basic laptop. Office design has been optimised for employees to have the most ergonomic setups possible: many large corporations even offer training on how to sit at a desk to avoid eye, neck and back pain. So why would companies not worry about this in home offices as well?