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WHAT: Happy employees make a productive workforce. According to research conducted by Mark Price, workplace happiness can be broken down to six fundamental components: 


Reward and recognition

Information – giving enough and sharing it openly



Instilling pride

Job satisfaction


In the Future Workforce Survey, a survey of 3000 workers, 77% stated flexibility at work as something important to them. But further research has shown that 68% of employees would like to work flexibly in a way which is not yet available. 


SO WHAT: Estimates of the benefit of happy employee retention suggest that employers save an average of $11,000 USD (over 100, 000SEK) per half-time telecommuter per year, due to increased productivity and retention, reduced absenteeism, and cutting costs related to office space. Listening to employees and ensuring their needs are met – or at least listened to and engaged with as best as possible – is beneficial to both employees and companies.