Emerging futures of remote work

Over the past 50 years, the Internet has slowly transformed nearly every facet of human life. Almost overnight, in response to a global pandemic, the digital world has gone from supplementing our physical real-world lives, to becoming the primary source of human interactions for a growing number of people in the world.

We are suddenly finding our lives constrained by the global pandemic, and we are all now dramatically more dependent on the digital networks and platforms to connect us as we are restricted in our ability to gather in person and move throughout our cities and previous patterns of living.

To navigate this new landscape, The Remote Lab engaged Institute for the Future (IFTF) to investigate how organizations are adapting and moving toward “remote first” practices and the impact this will have on connectivity, worker wellbeing, operations, and geographic location.

IFTF scanned for “Signals of Change” relating to areas such as new initiatives, creative solutions, startups, technical solutions, usability, culture adaptation, and leadership as different lenses through which to explore new ways of conducting remote work.

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