Cyber Threats


WHAT: In 2021, the number of cyberattacks increased and broke new records, according to Forbes. Their analysis is that there are both more attacks and that more and deeper data is also being stolen, which indicates that those who carry out cyber attacks have become more systematic and sophisticated in their work. Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that the increased use of ransomware, or extortion software, will cost companies up to $ 265 billion by 2031. So the problem is both the increased frequency and the sophistication of these attacks, which will affect how companies relate to the digital employee safety. Verizon points out in its report that 95% of attacks are made possible by the human factor, that is, that someone clicks on something they should not click on, and Business Wire describes that the pandemic has caused 81% of companies globally to see an increase in cyberattacks.

SO WHAT: Regardless of how and where one works, the experts believe that the single most important thing to reduce the number of successful attacks is a higher awareness and knowledge among all employees – IT security is not just a matter for the IT department. Companies need to educate employees to a greater degree and increase understanding of what a cursory click on an email can do to damage the company’s internal IT structure. In addition, Deloitte points out the danger that dissatisfied employees may be part of the threat, which means that here social sustainability is intimately linked to economic sustainability.