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Traditional companies almost always have “the physical office” as norm. We know that shifting into something new and unknown isn’t always easy and that most of us are already working hard every day to meet challenges from management, culture, processes, technology and employees. Many organizations have already changed their policies and guidelines regarding remote working and are now starting to seriously change their operations to become more distance-independent. New titles such as “Head of Remote” are appearing in more and more companies and there is a great focus on taking a holistic approach that affects the entire business, leadership and employees to implement new long-term sustainable working methods.


  • Remote strategy – This module is integrated throughout the course. In smaller groups (‘pods’), we will be helping you develop your own remote strategies, and applying the teaching to your organisations. All of the learning from the other modules will be actively applied in this module, alongside specific sessions on how to build a remote culture, and the practicalities of a sustainable remote strategy (remote policy, onboarding, documentation etc.)
  • Looking beyond – this module focuses on the future of remote work, and the future of the office, based on current signals and trends implemented by other organisations around the world.
  • Vision for remote – this module focuses on helping you create your future strategy, and will look at existing remote manifestos, as well as how to create a vision and measure goal attainment. We will also discuss how to communicate the new remote strategy to the company, to ensure employees can measure their contributions and performance in relation to company vision.
  • Inspiration – this module will involve analysing real cases of  remote companies, learning from both the successes and failures, and identifying good strategies for the future.
  • People and Structure – This module encompasses the practical human side of remote work: risks to be aware of; knowledge to maximise employee potential; how to overcome issues such as meeting fatigue, or the need for meeting redesign; and how to encourage collaboration and self-leadership within remote workers.
  • Leadership – This module will assess the challenges of remote leadership: addressing common concerns about its characteristics; the idea of servant leadership; good strategy and behaviours for remote leadership; and polarity management.