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2021-04-28 — 2021-06-15

Master class by The Remote Lab
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During the pandemic our work life has dramatically changed. We are constantly hearing that “things will not go back to the way they were”. But few companies have set out a vision around how they will meet the needs of their employees and how they could transform their organisation into a more remote-friendly one. This course gives you a new perspective around remote work and how it really affects the entire organisation. You will be given tools and perspectives that help you in your journey to build a strategy for your organisation. By bringing your own case into the course we will provide valuable feedback for your own strategy along the way. You will also get inspiration and valuable advice from entrepreneurs working in fully-remote organisations.


Traditional companies almost always have “the physical office” as norm. We know that shifting into something new and unknown isn’t always easy and that most of us are already working hard every day to meet challenges from management, culture, processes, technology and employees. Many organizations have already changed their policies and guidelines regarding remote working and are now starting to seriously change their operations to become more distance-independent. New titles such as “Head of Remote” are appearing in more and more companies and there is a great focus on taking a holistic approach that affects the entire business, leadership and employees to implement new long-term sustainable working methods.


We offer learning and training to individuals working with some form of business development, or who are in a strategic position within their organisation. A Remote Strategist is an individual with influence in many different departments, and an overview of the organisation. They are in a position to influence strategies and established norms, helping the organisation to become more efficient and equal, regardless of whether there are many or no remote employees.

Instead of focusing on theory, we want to make sure this master class is about putting ideas into action and making real change happen. We take a hands-on approach, where you bring your own actual case or organizational challenge for you to work with during the training – you will not only make progress directly but also learn a lot from the experience of your fellow classmates.


  • Remote strategy – This module is integrated throughout the course. In smaller groups (‘pods’), we will be helping you develop your own remote strategies, and applying the teaching to your organisations. All of the learning from the other modules will be actively applied in this module, alongside specific sessions on how to build a remote culture, and the practicalities of a sustainable remote strategy (remote policy, onboarding, documentation etc.)
  • Looking beyond – this module focuses on the future of remote work, and the future of the office, based on current signals and trends implemented by other organisations around the world.
  • Vision for remote – this module focuses on helping you create your future strategy, and will look at existing remote manifestos, as well as how to create a vision and measure goal attainment. We will also discuss how to communicate the new remote strategy to the company, to ensure employees can measure their contributions and performance in relation to company vision.
  • Inspiration – this module will involve analysing real cases of  remote companies, learning from both the successes and failures, and identifying good strategies for the future.
  • People and Structure – This module encompasses the practical human side of remote work: risks to be aware of; knowledge to maximise employee potential; how to overcome issues such as meeting fatigue, or the need for meeting redesign; and how to encourage collaboration and self-leadership within remote workers.
  • Leadership – This module will assess the challenges of remote leadership: addressing common concerns about its characteristics; the idea of servant leadership; good strategy and behaviours for remote leadership; and polarity management.


Explore the content in the Learning Kit and interact with it on a deeper level in the live sessions. The course will involve a weekly live session, where you can interact with leading experts in the field, discussing the week’s learning. You will also be placed in a ‘pod’ of 4-6 course attendees, where you will be able to discuss ideas and share experiences when working on designing your company’s remote strategy.

This will be supplemented by both group and individual coaching with leading experts. The goal of this course is to develop a clear strategy for your company to become a more remote-friendly organisation.


  • Global trends and external monitoring around the future of the office, different levels of remote work and tech development.
  • Understanding how you can build an efficient remote culture within teams, and throughout the organization
  • How to think about a company vision and extract that into goals for measurement and communication
  • Your obligations as an employer, and how to foster a self-leading organisation
  • How other companies have transformed to become fully remote
  • Understanding the risks and potentials in remote working and how to manage people and structure
  • How to improve remote collaboration, design meetings and avoid digital meeting fatigue
  • What characteristics are required from a remote leader and how to practically lead remotely
  • How to make a remote strategy for your organisation


  • Build successful virtual teams
  • Create a sustainable infrastructure in the organization
  • Co-create, communicate and lead change to support the transformation towards a distance-independent organization.
  • Make a review of the organization based on various aspects that allow you to get a picture of the organization’s maturity and development in the distance-independent transformation
  • Allow for better digital meetings 


The trend towards remote work has never been stronger. Even before the pandemic, a majority of younger workers stated that they would refuse a job if the opportunity to work remotely did not exist.

However, recent studies show that employers do not have the same attitude and that in most companies today the physical workplace is still a norm. Despite this, many employers see it as inevitable to have different skills at a distance and to meet the needs of talents. The prevailing norm creates an unequal situation for those who work in offices and those who work remotely, and the time has come to adapt remote strategy for the long-term, with increasing numbers of employees requesting flexible work arrangements.

Leadership, culture and the organizations’ strategies are often not optimized for a distance-independent way of working. Yet many remote-first startups with slick processes and working methods are emerging and are proving to have more efficient and result-oriented working methods where, for example, time is not measured. This is of course something that would benefit all companies and organisations to take on, regardless of whether you have people at a distance or not.


Registration is open and the first course will last from the 28th of April to the 15th of June.


This masterclass is fully remote and able to attend from anywhere.


The price of the course is 24 000 SEK (excl VAT) or 2900 USD (excl VAT).


The Remote Lab is a global knowledge and development hub for the future remote work life and works actively with external monitoring, analysis of various activities and training initiatives. With a large network of contacts within “Remote first” entrepreneurs and leaders, they work actively with best practice and development of technology, society as well as new working methods.

Hyper Island is a global company, educating people and organizations all over the world; offering vocational training with programs in digital communication, innovation and leadership, and acting as a strategic partner for companies that want to develop their organization commercially and culturally. Unlike the typical training or service providers that exist, they follow a well-proven method that is combined with a large global network of experts in various industries.

Hyper Island was founded in Karlskrona in 1996. Since its inception, the school has had more than 5,000 students from more than 40 countries. Today, the school has employees based in New York, London, Manchester, São Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, and Karlskrona.

In a unique collaboration, The Remote Lab and Hyper Island are releasing this new training for “Remote strategists” where participants from around the world get an overall picture and the ability to show direction and develop strategies for their organizations.

Do you have any questions regarding this course, reach out to or give us a call on +46 70 380 00 07

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